Facing Possible Transitions of Our World

I get tons of doomsday, fear-based email. I scan it and either delete it or archive it if it looks like something I might want to refer to for some reason later. Then I put it out of my mind. I don’t hide from it, I acknowledge it as a possibility, then choose where I’m going to put the energy of my thought, attention and intention.

The most important thing for people to realize is that someday we will drop our current bodies and transition to a new plane of existence. We could even possibly experience a transmutation of our present bodies for life on another dimension. In either case, it’s best to realize that someday death, or change, of the body will happen. Once we make peace with our mortality, we don’t have to hyper-vigilantly keep track of every scary thing that is happening or could happen. We can note such information briefly – or ignore it – knowing that we are going to be okay no matter what happens, even if it means death of the body.

Emmanuel (a non-corporeal being channeled through Pat Rodegast) once told Ram Dass that, “Dying is absolutely safe. It’s like taking off a tight shoe.”

While none of us want to die, especially prematurely, if we just make peace with the fact that it will happen someday, we don’t have to keep track of all the scary stuff, past, present or possibly future. We can let the information flow by and focus on living with love, kindness and joy in the present. We let those around us that we love know that we love them. We forgive. We make peace with the people in our lives and with the world around us, keeping our completions current. We can thus free our energy to envision a beautiful future for all of us. If our thoughts, what we hold in consciousness, make our world, then this is the best way we can face each present moment and all the future ones.

I guess we each have to ask ourselves, if or when our “end” in this lifetime comes upon us:

Do we want to be one of a panicked herd of humanity climbing over each other, kicking each other in the face to try and survive at any cost?

Or do we want to go with love and dignity, either on our own or in the company of loved ones, in peace and serenity, complete and ready to embrace the Great Beyond?

One last thought to consider… Highly emotional states, especially fear and anger, jam our intuitional radar. If we make peace with our own mortality, if we can maintain peace and equanimity inside of us, our intuition has the very best chance of guiding us through each present moment in a way that honors life and contributes to our survival. Intuition functions and guides us best in a quiet mind and an open heart.

Choose to be well, no matter what.

Many Blessings,