About body-centered coaching

Body-Centered Coaching

Staying present is key.  Often difficult emotions or trauma make it very hard to stay with what we experience, either directly or in our memory.  When memory is buried, hidden or obscured in some way, emotional states that seem to have no attachment to any specific event or situation can sometimes help in recovering imagery of lost or missing time or events.

Having a skilled coach to be present with you and gently help you stay with and report what you are experiencing to allow a process of clearing to complete is deeply helpful and can create a safe space in which to go deeply into your experience.  Learning the ability to track and report sensations in the body associated with particular events or missing time can also help repressed memories to emerge for processing and completion.  The tools of movement, breathing and cognitive techniques are designed to unblock and enhance the life discovery process are used in the individual or group coaching settings.  Most vital is the willingness to take full, healthy responsibility for creating your life from the most positive place in your psyche. For those at a distance, I also work by phone.  In addition, if there is interest, group work may be available by phone via teleconferencing services and will be limited to groups of 4 to 6 individuals.

Individual sessions are $111 up to 1 hour, 15 minutes.  We will do our best to finish in an hour, but will continue an additional short time if necessary to bring any process we are in to a good closure. An invoice through PayPal will be sent once your session is booked, or you may mail your payment to the address I can provide you with.  Sessions are paid for in advance. A block of 4 sessions is available at a discounted amount of $422 and this is the option most clients choose for ongoing work.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique & Other Hypnosis Work

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (developed by Dolores Cannon) sessions are available for $250 per session, and must be done in person. One of these sessions can last as long as 4 hours.

Group Work

Group phone/Skype sessions will be offered at $30 per week for 6 weeks, $180 payable before starting group.  A commitment of 6 weeks and to full confidentiality is required for group safety, continuity and cohesion. Groups will be held via teleconferencing by phone, or possibly by group video calls.

Groups will be formed sometime in the new year and I’ll post information about them, their respective purpose and focus after the holiday season.

New Healing Modalities to Come

I have added other new healing work certifications in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT, also called energy tapping or meridian tapping, uses tapping on the meridians of the face, hands and body to positively rewire how we respond to various pressures and challenges in our lives, effectively shifting our vibration and creating profound healing changes in body, mind and emotions.

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