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My book, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening is available on in both paperback and Kindle versions. Click here to go to to buy my book.

A PDF version will be available as soon as I can get to that, and perhaps offered on other platforms as well, such as iBooks. Please visit my other website, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light for new and informative posts that will expand on the concepts in the book, as well as offering new educational information.

Here is a statement about the book:

Audio version (approximately 5 min.)

Inside Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: Our Thoughts & Emotions Create Our World

Through my experiences, and studying for years the different political and social contexts in which they occurred, I’ve learned a great deal about shadowy factions that are today bent on controlling every aspect of our lives on this world – in a sense treating us as a herd to be managed – and culled – as they see fit. The one thing that can stop this take-over of ourselves and our world is our consciousness.

We have abilities latent in our DNA that can be turned on by finding ways to deal with and become free of our fears, rages and griefs. Our DNA expands and turns on more of its codons in the presence of love, joy and positive emotions. The solution is not to suppress our natural human emotions, but to feel them to completion in a way that heals and restores us, while questioning how “real” they truly are. We often live our lives in fear of the future for all kinds of reasons, and in ruminating about the past in good and bad ways. When we live in the future or past, we are not present in the here and now. We miss our lives unfolding in the present moment, and the present moment is the moment of both simply being, and taking effective action. The divide-and-conquer rhetoric of the shadow-government-military-corporate complex is designed to keep us in fear, keeping the latent abilities of expanded consciousness suppressed. This is because if those abilities awaken in humanity on a consciously unified level, their house of cards will collapse. They’ve been using the “law of attraction” against us for millennia, indoctrinating us into their preferred version of reality. This matrix reality is fueled by our own powerful, collective, but unconsciously and negatively programmed thoughts, beliefs and emotional energy – to build a reality from the quantum field that keeps us divided and conquered.

A civil war to overthrow “tyranny” would only make this situation worse, planting the seeds of the next empire that would arise out of a superior lust for power and ability to control. The only way out for us is to see all the indoctrination, all the divide-and-conquer games for what they are and pull our thought-belief-emotional energy out of all that programming, and put it into what WE, as a UNIFIED humanity, CHOOSE to create.

I can’t imagine a worse version of humanity than one pasteurized and homogenized through indoctrination into a race of organic human automatons. We need our variety, our differences, our uniqueness from individual to individual – out of it comes the creative innovation to continually improve ourselves and how we live. It’s when we don’t allow, or we are not allowed differing beliefs, opinions and viewpoints to the degree of anger, arguments or physical fighting that we become our own worst enemies. The unseen other-dimensional entities behind the faces of the elites are lined up on every existing side of all issues of contention, secretly inciting more strife, more anger and fighting, keeping us alienated from each other. When this occurs, we are unable to unify our consciousness-energy to throw off our enslavement.

The only necessary and just laws needed in a society are those that protect basic rights and freedoms for all living beings. The only freedoms to deny anyone are those that would cause others harm, injury or death – the action of one individual to control or take away the freedom of another.

So I invite you to read Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light to get an education about the ways in which we as human beings have been indoctrinated, controlled and managed so each of you can decide in your own hearts what you wish to choose:  To be part of a world the shadow elite factions would have us make for them from our own collective unconscious – a very real quantum holographic “Matrix,” – or if you are inspired enough to choose your own spiritual evolution of bringing forward the best and brightest in yourself – a more fully-integrated and highly intuitive consciousness supporting ourselves and each other. Through dealing positively with negative emotions and not getting stuck in them, through cultivating and strengthening the positive emotions of love, joy, happiness and contentment, we will continue to reinforce the awakening of the abilities latent in our DNA. Then we can truly become the creators and directors of our own lives and destinies, individually and as a unified whole. Through taking this path, through reaching out to each other with love and compassion, and creating ever-expanding waves of Love energy, we can build a new world of freedom and love, and create the next Golden Age on Planet Earth.


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