About Me…

Hello! I’m Niara Terela, writer, artist and certified body-centered life coach.  I am also an experiencer and researcher all aspects of extraterrestrial phenomenon, from government cover-ups, to spiritual expansion of consciousness.  I was born in California and have lived many places… I now make my home in southwestern Colorado in the high desert at the edge of the San Juan mountains.

It’s my sincere wish to help others deal with their extraordinary or traumatic experiences related to the extraterrestrial phenomenon, to help them integrate these paradigm-shifting events into their lives.  I know personally what this is like and what it takes to recover and heal.  It’s vital that we are not simply survivors, but thrivers, with awakened consciousness and expanded awareness, true self-determining freedom and co-creative responsibility. Thank you for visiting Encounters With Healing.

At this time, due to a challenging schedule with book writing and an equally pressing need to attend to caring for my back issues, I will be working with very few new clients until after the book is finished. You are welcome to contact me to see if there is an opening in my schedule.


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