Please Visit My Other Website, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light

Hi Readers!

Until I’m able to get back to my healing work, probably sometime this fall after I’ve moved if I’m lucky or early next year, please visit my other site at the following link for articles I’ll be publishing, and likely some videos as well. That will be better than posting the same articles on both sites. At least I can get back to some writing in the midst of this chaos that has been my life in the last year.

The link is here:

I’m still in the process of getting moved which has been very long, very drawn out and frought with one delay and stall after another – extremely stressful. Everything regarding my move to a new place is in the hands of bureaucratic others at this time. I’m living in a place surrounded by boxes and various stages of packing and have been for months, then another delay in finalizing the closing occurs. It has not been fun! (Huge understatement!) But things do seem to be moving slowly forward, and I’m hoping to be moved sometime in August.

Thank you very much! And have a great Independence Day holiday!

And in the midst of your celebrations, reflect on what it means to declare true independence, what our founding fathers put in place for us in the beginning of our birth as a nation, and contrast it with what we as a nation are today. We need change and we ourselves need to be the authors of that change.

Much Love,