Why encounters with healing?

Hi, I’m Niara Terela Isley.

Huge and growing volumes of written, audio, and video data point to the fact that there is indeed intelligent life in the Universe and it is visiting our Earth.  Thousands of people have been caught up in this phenomenon, have had various kinds of “encounters”, and have to deal with the aftermath of such contact.  The campaign of ridicule and denial that has been put in circulation by those who wish to cover up this contact has made it very difficult for those of us who have experienced this phenomenon and/or have had direct contact.  Healing from the trauma that can be associated with such contact is doubly hard when the powers that be deny it exists at all, and it happens so far outside our normal, human everyday reality as well.  Even positive extraterrestrial experiences can shatter one’s normal reality paradigm and leave them with a strong need for support in reorganizing their reality.  Some people avoid asking for help for months or years, in avoidance of accepting the new reality.

I have personal experience in extraterrestrial contact and have done significant healing around this issue.  I now consider all my experiences a gift and a view to a new and emerging paradigm for Earth and humanity.

If you have experienced contact or abduction with extraterrestrials, military abductions or you were or are in the military and were or are involved with extraterrestrial phenomenon and want to begin to heal from and frame your experiences in a more healthy and empowering way for yourself, please contact me at movebreathe@gmail.com.


6 responses to “Why encounters with healing?

  1. Hi, I missed you in Angel Fire but my boyfriend picked up your card. I am writting because I like what you’re saying. I read your blog and learned alot. Recongnized a few names and felt let down by the buisness as usual attitude even though the information almost demands another way. I was abuducted when I was around 15. I didn’t “remember” until 4 years later. I didn’t see any activity for years, 30 years later, we see UFO’s frequently in Southern CO, Northern NM.

  2. Just heard your very insightful experience on your journey towards enlightment at Angelfire. Please speak at the Paranormal Research Forum headed by Rick Nelson. We have a very large audience and I would love for these people to hear your message. By the way, I live in Colorado. Is it possible to meet you sometime? Am I supposed toI help you finish your book before the Laughlin?Conference.
    Thanks for listening, Carolyn

  3. I heard your story on the George Noory Show about your exp. while in the US AirForce at an auto track radar site. I too, was stationed at that same type of radar site in S. Dakota from 1964 to 1967 (MSQ-35 etc.) 11th RBS 1st CEG) AFSC30353 Also, we tracked a UFO at very close range & I have had missing time and other strange happenings to me ever since. Please contact me by email if you want to..I have much more to tell.

  4. Hi,
    I am a Retired Naval Aviator with over 11,000 hours of flight time; some as a private and commercial pilot. Since my flying career started in 1969, I have never seen anything in the air I could not identify. But I have been looking, searching. I have no recall of missing time, but I suffer from major depression since my last military command. By now, I think I would have seen something we all call a UFO; I feel deprived. Is something wrong here? May have been brainwashed to forget.

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